Medicare Planning Seminar

Here’s who will benefit by attending one of our seminars

    1. You are about to be 65 … Massachusetts has 75,000 such newbies each year
    2. You are over 65 and still working … Medicare might be a better choice for you
    3. You are dealing with aging parent issues (there’s more and more of you each year)

Here are some of the pieces of the Medicare puzzle you’ll learn more about …

  • When do I apply for Medicare Part A?
  • When do I apply for Medicare Part B?
  • What is Medicare Advantage?
  • What is Medicare Plan F or Medigap?
  • How and when do I enroll?
  • Are there penalties for late enrollment?
  • Is Medicare automatic when I reach 65?
  • What if I’m still working?
  • Should I keep my group health plan?
  • Health Savings Accounts and Medicare?
  • Are my doctors covered?
  • What hospitals are covered?
  • Are my prescriptions covered?
  • How do I pay for my Medicare?
  • Do I have coverage when I’m away?
  • and the list goes on and on

Typical Seminar Sponsors

Any entity may sponsor a seminar … employers … senior care services … religious organizations … service organizations … groups of family and friends ... financial planners

Simply contact Russ Swallow for more information.